Breakthrough – Automatic Quantum Error Correction

The biggest problem with Quantum Computers is Error Correction. Besides creating high Fidelity Qubits and Gates and Long Coherence Times. People like Professor Gil Kalai say that Error Correction is NOT an Engineering Problem that requires more research or engineering effort to fix. It is inherent to the nature of Quantum Systems and it cannotContinue reading “Breakthrough – Automatic Quantum Error Correction”

Immense Progress Under The Hoods

Its been a long and tiring journey While our Quantum Computer(s) went into production in 2014. And we achieved Quantum Supremacy (in 2014). Developing Millennium Inventions is NOT A Project with a definitive beginning and a definitive end. Our roots of all our inventions go back to early 1990’s. And we continuously work on improvingContinue reading “Immense Progress Under The Hoods”

Whats up Automatski? What are you guys upto?

You mean besides and Some of the things we are working on… Quantum Mind, Brain, Consciousness, Cognition & Holonomic Brain Theory Quantum Chaos Quantum Logic Temporal Quantum Logic Hyperdimensional Computing Classical (Deterministic & Nondeterministic) Reversible Computing Quantum Probability Quantum Bayesianism Why are we working on these things? Why not Quantum Computing specifically? Well,Continue reading “Whats up Automatski? What are you guys upto?”