What Everyone Gets Wrong About Quantum Physics

There are ~600 people in the world who are experts at doing quantum physics. But vonly ~5-6 people in the world including me who really understand it. Quantum mechanics is perhaps the most unintuitive theory ever devised. And yet it’s also the most successful in terms of sheer predictive power. Simply by following the mathContinue reading “What Everyone Gets Wrong About Quantum Physics”

Getting Rid Of The Myths About Our Universe

The biggest problem with our theories, in one sense is that they are continous and non-quantized. Because of which even Quantum Mechanics is not enough to explain the Universe. Because even it is NOT quantized enough. This led to what is called the “Second Quantization Revolution” Automatski realised in 1990s that… Not only is MatterContinue reading “Getting Rid Of The Myths About Our Universe”

Beyond Quantum Computing & Quantum Computers

Continuing where we left off last time… https://its101010.com/2020/08/08/even-better-quantum-computers/ The Ultimate Question we want to answer today is – Can We Do Better than Quantum Computers & Quantum Computing? or, Whats Beyond Quantum Computing? or, Whats Better than Quantum Computing? Please ignore the arguments given by the blogger in the video below. Those are outright wrongContinue reading “Beyond Quantum Computing & Quantum Computers”

Even Better Quantum Computers

Automatski Created The Worlds First Billion Qubit & Gates Quantum Computers by 2014. We proved that The Universe is NOT Only a Simulation, but that its a O(N) Simulation. We also proved The [Extended] Church Turing Thesis. And that Quantum Computers can be simulated Classically without an Exponential Slowdown in O(N) using the Quantum PhysicalContinue reading “Even Better Quantum Computers”