Beyond Quantum Computing & Quantum Computers

Continuing where we left off last time… The Ultimate Question we want to answer today is – Can We Do Better than Quantum Computers & Quantum Computing? or, Whats Beyond Quantum Computing? or, Whats Better than Quantum Computing? Please ignore the arguments given by the blogger in the video below. Those are outright wrongContinue reading “Beyond Quantum Computing & Quantum Computers”

Even Better Quantum Computers

Automatski Created The Worlds First Billion Qubit & Gates Quantum Computers by 2014. We proved that The Universe is NOT Only a Simulation, but that its a O(N) Simulation. We also proved The [Extended] Church Turing Thesis. And that Quantum Computers can be simulated Classically without an Exponential Slowdown in O(N) using the Quantum PhysicalContinue reading “Even Better Quantum Computers”

The Secret to Automatski’s Quantum Computer

The Secret to Automatski’s Quantum Computer is the O(N) implementation of the Quantum Physics (Model) of the Transmon Qubit. Once you have the Quantum Physical Model of the Qubit successfully implemented. You have to extend the Mathematical Perspective of Quantum Gates in terms of Quantum Physics Evolution Quantum Systemc of ‘N’ Qubits where N= 100,000Continue reading “The Secret to Automatski’s Quantum Computer”

The Father of Quantum Computing

The Father of Powered Flight is NOT the people who dreamt of flying in the sky like birds. The Father of Powered Flight is the person who did it successfully. The Father of Quantum Computing are NOT those people who dreamt up of The Awesomeness of Quantum Computing. The Father of Quantum Computing is theContinue reading “The Father of Quantum Computing”

There are 4 broad types of Quantum Computers in the world

There are 4 broad types of Quantum Computers in the world (i) Circuit/Gates Based (ii) Analog (iii) Adiabatic (iv) Quantum Annealing Automatski Fundamental Research has developed 3 of 4 types of Quantum Computers in the last 25+ years. And has put them into Production. These are in the range of 1000,000+ Logical Qubits. Each quantumContinue reading “There are 4 broad types of Quantum Computers in the world”

The Imminent Failure of ‘Adiabatic’ Quantum Computing & Quantum Annealing!

What is ‘Adiabatic’ Quantum Computing? Adiabatic quantum computation (AQC) is a form of quantum computing which relies on the adiabatic theorem to do calculations and is closely related to, and may be regarded as a subclass of, quantum annealing. First, a (potentially complicated) Hamiltonian is found whose ground state describes the solution to the problemContinue reading “The Imminent Failure of ‘Adiabatic’ Quantum Computing & Quantum Annealing!”

How Can Quantum Computers Save us From The Coronavirus?

Quantum machine learning, an emerging field that combines machine learning and quantum physics, is the focus of research to discover possible treatments for COVID-19. This method could be faster and more economical than the current methods used for drug discovery. According to Ghosh from Penn State — using the existing drug-discovery pipeline can take five to tenContinue reading “How Can Quantum Computers Save us From The Coronavirus?”