Automatski’s Quantum Gravity Computer

>>> What is a Quantum Gravity Computer? Its a computer that is infinitely more powerful than even a Quantum Computer or any other Classical Computer. It uses Quantum Computing and Quantum Gravity (General Relativity). It eliminates Causality and Time. And hence is infinitely more powerful. Or so it is believed, but really we have onlyContinue reading “Automatski’s Quantum Gravity Computer”

The Deal With Hybrid Quantum Computing

What is Hybrid Quantum Computing? Hybrid can mean a combination of Classical and Quantum Computing. Though some people use Hybrid Quantum Computing to signify Discrete (Qubits Based) and Continuous Variable (Photon Based) Quantum Computing. 1 – Hybrid Classical & Quantum Computing Companies like D-wave are all gung ho about Hybrid Quantum Computing. They have solversContinue reading “The Deal With Hybrid Quantum Computing”

The Deal With Distributed Quantum Computing

What is the “Proposed” Concept of Distributed Quantum Computing? Lets say you have 10 Quantum Computers each with a 10 Qubit Capacity (like what we have today). So in total they have 100 usable Qubits. Lets say you have a problem to solve which requires 100 Qubits. You breakup the problem in such a fashionContinue reading “The Deal With Distributed Quantum Computing”

Universal Quantum States, Gates & Circuits

In this article Universal implies – the capability to represent and/or compute anything (any permutation of the possible solution) States So what does one mean by universal state. Well! We normally initialize qubits to |0> state and from that point onwards we pass the qubits through gates to transform their collective entangled states. Is thereContinue reading “Universal Quantum States, Gates & Circuits”

Glorified Vaporware Peddling

Lets dissect this article and see what it means shall we… #1 It says $318.8 million Series C funding. The reality is that they have nothing, absolutely zilch. So this is basically seed funding over and above their earlier seed funding of $67.6 million. From where we stand they are going to raise another $500mContinue reading “Glorified Vaporware Peddling”

The Truth About Reversible Computing

What is Reversible Computing? Reversible computing is a model of computing where the computational process to some extent is time-reversible. In a model of computation that uses deterministic transitions from one state of the abstract machine to another, a necessary condition for reversibility is that the relation of the mapping from states to their successorsContinue reading “The Truth About Reversible Computing”

Automatski’s Quantum Roadmap & The Rest Of The World

News just arrived that IBM believes it is on its way to building a quantum processor with more than 1,000 qubits — and somewhere between 10 and 50 logical qubits — by the end of 2023. Currently, the company’s quantum processors top out at 65 qubits. It plans to launch a 127-qubit processor next yearContinue reading “Automatski’s Quantum Roadmap & The Rest Of The World”

One-Way Quantum Computing (1WQC or MBQC)

I hope you have seen this update from us earlier So what are we readying besides that? We are about to put into production something called 1WQC – One Way Quantum Computing. Also called as MBQC – Measurement Based Quantum Computing. The one-way or measurement based quantum computer (MBQC) is a method of quantum computing that first prepares an entangled resourceContinue reading “One-Way Quantum Computing (1WQC or MBQC)”

Open Invitation for Investors – Millennium Venture

A Millennium invention is by definition one which cannot be achieved in a 1000 years. That is a millennium. It is proven that Quantum Computers will break RSA 2048 cryptography and create a havoc in the world. Laymen believe that Physical Quantum computers are around the corner. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. AutomatskiContinue reading “Open Invitation for Investors – Millennium Venture”

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Quantum Physics

There are ~600 people in the world who are experts at doing quantum physics. But vonly ~5-6 people in the world including me who really understand it. Quantum mechanics is perhaps the most unintuitive theory ever devised. And yet it’s also the most successful in terms of sheer predictive power. Simply by following the mathContinue reading “What Everyone Gets Wrong About Quantum Physics”