The Goal

The Goal is NOT to do business with everyone who needs what you have. The Goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.

Whats up Automatski? What are you guys upto?

You mean besides and Some of the things we are working on… Quantum Mind, Brain, Consciousness, Cognition & Holonomic Brain Theory Quantum Chaos Quantum Logic Temporal Quantum Logic Hyperdimensional Computing Classical (Deterministic & Nondeterministic) Reversible Computing Quantum Probability Quantum Bayesianism Why are we working on these things? Why not Quantum Computing specifically? Well,Continue reading “Whats up Automatski? What are you guys upto?”

The Deal With Hybrid Quantum Computing

What is Hybrid Quantum Computing? Hybrid can mean a combination of Classical and Quantum Computing. Though some people use Hybrid Quantum Computing to signify Discrete (Qubits Based) and Continuous Variable (Photon Based) Quantum Computing. 1 – Hybrid Classical & Quantum Computing Companies like D-wave are all gung ho about Hybrid Quantum Computing. They have solversContinue reading “The Deal With Hybrid Quantum Computing”

Why did Automatski spend 25-30 years in research?

And only now is it launching its products and ventures? Simble!!! “Those who don’t want to do long-term research are doomed” “All the problems which could have been quickly solved have already been solved” – Aditya, CEO, Automatski

B2B vs B2C

“B2C might be easier to start with because the entry barriers are low. But the stakes are much higher. For B2B, the entry barriers are greater, but the category is stickier because you won’t have organisations shifting their entire processes and software year on year. B2B requires not a two-year but a 20-year window.” $3.09Continue reading “B2B vs B2C”


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