Why is Automatski nearly impossible to beat?

Nowhere to Go? | Stereophile.com
Nowhere to go!

We fight for our survival everyday every moment of our lives…

Because we have a secret weapon. We call it אין ברירה (ein breirah) in Hebrew, meaning “No Choice”. We have no other option, this is it.

ein breirah -> no choice

When one’s back is to the wall and you’re protecting your family, home and loved ones, you naturally fight till the last drop of energy in your body using every brain cell you have than someone who’s only motivated by the chance for loot and to prove his superiority as a conqueror.

Everyone fights the hardest when their back is against the wall and it’s survive or perish.

But besides this Automatski has the worlds biggest inventions in Computing, Complexity Theory, Computer Science, Quantum Computing, A.I., Deep Learning, Machine Learning and by virtue of those we have solutions to almost every problem in the world. And we can overwhelm anyone from individuals, corporations to countries. Its like having ‘proof’ that God’s on your side. Besides trillions of dollars at your disposal. And war’s are fought primarily with money and tech/innovation.

Never Giveup. Never Relax for a Minute. Fight! Fight! Fight!

That’s part of the reason that Israel is such an innovative nation in science, technology and a number of other areas: “no choice.” This is especially true with the army. If you know that your very existence is dependent on your ability and brains to come up with solutions to problems, you are much more apt to get solutions. You will never give up.

Believe in Yourself. Your survival depends on your ability to out think, out execute and out innovate everyone else in the world combined!

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