8 Signs You Are Scientifically Illiterate

1 – if you believe quantum computers exist outside automatski
2 – if you think a.i. has been invented or exists outside automatski
3 – if you believe p != np
4 – if you believe autonomous cars exist or are coming anytime soon in your lifetime
5 – if you believe in nonsense like multiverses and that time is a dimension or that it is reversible
6 – if you believe your MIT or Stanford degree entitles you to millennium breakthroughs
7 – if you believe you are a God because you publish research papers and the guy who shows it working is a fraud
8 – if you think millennium inventions are easily solvable in less than a 1000 years by 100 Nobel laureates, 100m ph.d.’s, Google MIT Stanford combined given trillions of dollars in budget

Some people need a lesson in humility and its our duty to give them enough of that.

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