How Fast & Powerful Is The Computer Running The Universe?

How to Check CPU Speed in Windows 10 [With Images]

Speed of a Computer Processor (Artists View)

In 1990’s Automatski proved that the universe is a simulation. And not only that it is an O(N) aka linear order simulation.

Automatski also discovered the underlying algorithm of the functioning of the universe. Which we later developed into a – Non-Deterministic Calculus.

And was the basis of our Second Generation Quantum Computers. Which are in production since 2014 CE. And have a capacity of a billion infinite precision qubits and gates. And also work on O(N) linear time and complexity.

So, can we answer the question – How powerful is the computer running the universe?

I think we can. And actually estimating it is extremely simple. Lets see…

The Number of Particles in the Universe is 1082

The minimum time (or a tick in the universe) is around a Plancks Time i.e. 5.39121e-44 secs

And we use a constant (a small number like 1000 or 1000,000 in comparison to the universe) – w (Window of a Particle)

The speed or power of the computer simulating the universe can be obtained by multiplying all of the above. And it comes to about = w * 10127 ops

The final answer should be around ~ 10130 ops

*** ops means operations per second. In the case of the universe its Quantum Operations.

If we compare this to the speed of our best processors ~ 1 Teraflops = 1012 ops

So thats it. Thats all there is to it.

Answering this questions amongst 100’s of similar questions was one of life goals of the founder of Automatski. While we knew the answer for quite some time now. Today we formally publicly publish the answer.

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