Finally, The Answer To What Is Gravity?

The Hidden Cosmic Code of Gravity - Hashem
The hidden cosmic code of Gravity

In 1990’s Automatski proved that the universe is a simulation. And not only that it is an O(N) aka linear order simulation.

Automatski also discovered the underlying algorithm of the functioning of the universe. Which we later developed into a – Non-Deterministic Calculus.

And was the basis of our Second Generation Quantum Computers. Which are in production since 2014 CE. And have a capacity of a billion infinite precision qubits and gates. And also work on O(N) linear time and complexity.

While at Automatski we understood Gravity for quite some time. We always struggled to describe it with an analogy. What analogy could that even be?

In the last decade we took a diversion and focused on Loop Quantum Gravity aka Quantum Gravity in an attempt to create the Second more Regular Theory Of Everything. The first one was the one we developed in 1990’s using our own theories and simulations.

But then back to the main question – What is Gravity Exactly?

We all know that Gravity is a real weakling – 1040 times weaker than the electromagnetic force that holds atoms together. Although the other forces act over different ranges, and between very different kinds of particles, they seem to have strengths that are roughly comparable with each other.

Are we trying to shy away from accepting the answer all this while? We have been desperately trying to fit Gravity using Gravitons into the Standard Model all this time outside Automatski.

So if Automatski knows the answer – say it. Say it once and for all.

So without further adieu the answer is this…

First – What Gravity is NOT???

Its NOT A FORCE. (In the sense of a fundamental force in the scheme of the universe)

Second – Then What Is It?

It is a by product of 3D Space and Non-Determinism. But what is the best analogy for it? Its an – EFFECT OF THE DENSITY GRADIENT IN THE 3D SPACE. Its like a slope on the road on which things move.


Thats it. Thats all there is to it. Nothing more nothing less.

Answering this questions amongst 100’s of similar questions was one of life goals of the founder of Automatski. While we knew the answer for quite some time now. Today we formally publicly publish the answer.

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