Breakthrough – Automatic Quantum Error Correction

Quantum Error Correction (ebook) by Daniel A. Lidar ...

The biggest problem with Quantum Computers is Error Correction. Besides creating high Fidelity Qubits and Gates and Long Coherence Times.

People like Professor Gil Kalai say that Error Correction is NOT an Engineering Problem that requires more research or engineering effort to fix. It is inherent to the nature of Quantum Systems and it cannot be fixed.

Basically he is saying that it is impossible to create a Physical Hardware Quantum Computer.

Automatski already realises this. That creating a Physical Hardware Quantum Computer has maybe 1 in a billion possibility of success. And we are fighting against the laws of the universe itself in trying to create one.

Automatski has already built the worlds first Billion Infinite Precision Qubit Quantum Computer in 2014 CE.

Today we would like to announce that we have achieved something very novel in Quantum Computing.

What if the Quantum Computer during its execution was able to figure out if it had made errors? And also repeat the Unitary Gate Operations as many times as required to fix the errors?

If we could do that. We could theoretically have the unparalleled possibility of creating a completely error free Quantum Computer.

And today Automatski would like to state that we have done just that.

MTV Enjoy! We finished the race to the Next Millennium 20+ years ago!

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