Immense Progress Under The Hoods

Student Progress Monitoring – O.A. THORP SCHOLASTIC ACADEMY

Its been a long and tiring journey

While our Quantum Computer(s) went into production in 2014. And we achieved Quantum Supremacy (in 2014). Developing Millennium Inventions is NOT A Project with a definitive beginning and a definitive end. Our roots of all our inventions go back to early 1990’s. And we continuously work on improving our inventions

Firstly, The Most Important Thing – Price (Money)

When we launched our Quantum Computers in 2014 assuming the capability required to break RSA-2048. Our pricing was about ~ US$1 billion per quantum computer.

3-4 years ago we reduced it to US$ 150 million per quantum computer for the same capability.

And recently we have been able to reduce the pricing to double digit millions of dollars.

We have really commoditized Quantum Computers for the masses. Our vision is – One Quantum Computer For Every Man On The Planet.

Secondly, The Capability

Our first Quantum Computer had a complexity of O(X^3) and we could barely offer scalability in the range of 1000-5000 Qubits.

But then we implemented the Algorithm of The Universe. And recreated our Quantum Computers in O(N) just like this universe. We also proved that the universe is a simulation and that too a linear order simulation. And that the Extended Church Turing Thesis holds true.

Thirdly, The Costs

We needed a data center with 5 Racks. 3-4 years ago we reduced it to 2-3 Racks. And now we can do the same in 1 Rack. (1 Rack = 42 U)

Fourthly, Efficiency and Accuracy

While we can do Quantum Computations with 5000 decimal place precision. Lets talk about what we can do on a standard issue laptop.

Our initial capability on a Laptop was 4 decimal places precision. And that gave us Gate Fidelity of 99.998% that is about 20 errors in 1 million.

Then we were able to do 8 decimal places precision. And that gave us a Gate Precision of 4 errors in 1 million.

Now we can do 20 decimal places precision. Which doesn’t give any errors for circuits with even 100,000 Gate Depth. Phew! Amazing Right? Yeah we think so too.

*** The Computational Effort is polynomial in number of decimal places of “precision”.

P.S. Oh BTW we absolutely don’t use any GPGPU’s 🙂


In layman's terms: we can crack RSA with 500,000,000 bits. Yes thats 500 million bits. Not just 2048.

Come join us in our journey to define the next millennium.

Finish Line Tape - MPA Graphics

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