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>>> What is a Quantum Gravity Computer?

Its a computer that is infinitely more powerful than even a Quantum Computer or any other Classical Computer. It uses Quantum Computing and Quantum Gravity (General Relativity). It eliminates Causality and Time. And hence is infinitely more powerful. Or so it is believed, but really we have only one way of finding out. By building one and taking it for a spin.

>>> How does a Quantum Gravity Computer work? Can you share some more details?

Well, it combines Quantum Computing and Quantum Gravity. So we all understand that. And we have to understand that in a Quantum Gravity Computer, effects of Quantum Gravity is particularly relevant to the way it functions and is the source of its infinite power.

So we start with a Gate Based Quantum Computer. Which basically has Qubits, Gates and Circuits. But all this is NOT deterministic. It has Quantum Uncertainty. So we have the concept of an Environment within which this Quantum Computer functions. This introduction of an Environment sets it apart from a regular Quantum Computer.

Now we know that in a Quantum Gravity Computer there will be NO FIXED Causal Structure. Which means the Quantum Computer will NOT proceed in one direction from Cause(s) to Effect(s). This is also called as – The Causal Structure is ‘Indefinite’

A regular Classical and Quantum Computer involves its states going through time steps. But a Quantum Gravity Computer HAS NO CONCEPT of time. And the sequence of time doesn’t make any sense in a indefinite causal structure.

So the model of computation in a Quantum Gravity Computer in the absence of a definite causal structure is built using a certain framework called ‘Causaloid Formalism’. Which was developed primarily for correlating data in such situations aka the absence of definite causal structures.

So the first building block is obviously ‘Quantum Gates’. And the second building block is a ‘causaloid’ or ‘lambda’ (this is a mathematical object containing information about the causal connections between different spacetime regions). A quantum gravity computer program is given/defined by the pair {Lambda, G} where G is a set of gates. These Quantum Gates exist in regions which exist in an ‘Environment’ which like, affect each other through causaloids.

To summarise, we have Quantum Gates which affect each other depending on the definitions of Lambda. Now using just this as a computational resource we will try to solve problems which even Quantum Computers cannot.

>>> Open Questions

The reason behind the conceptualization of Quantum Gravity Computers was that it could be infinitely more powerful than even Quantum Computers. But there is a significant debate as to whether that will be the case.

One argument is that Quantum Gravity can be simulated by Quantum Computers. So there might not be anything significant that Quantum Gravity Computers can do which regular Quantum Computers can’t.

Quantum Gravity is the only missing piece from our Theory of Everything. Which humans have been trying to build for centuries. The ONE Theory which will explain the entire universe. One that will combine general relativity and quantum physics.

One way to find out whether it will be infinitely more powerful or not, is to actually build it and see. And thats the approach we have taken here at Automatski instead of debating endlessly.

>>> Why can’t anyone else build it? Why only Automatski? Are you trying to pull a marketing hoax?

Like we said a Quantum Gravity Computer builds on a Quantum Computer and Quantum Gravity. And nobody I mean nobody in the world today has a Quantum Computer worth anything outside Automatski. Automatski created a billion qubit infinite precision quantum computer in 2014. And recently Automatski has also done billion qubit plank scale tests of Quantum Gravity and found a great correlation between theory and calculations. Which again nobody in the world has been able to do.

So this puts Automatski in a unique advantage (of a 1000 years) to try and build a Quantum Gravity Computer. Which nobody else in the world is in any position to even attempt reasonably. Other than theoretically on paper.

The bottomline is that this is NOT a marketing hoax like the millions of hoax’s one comes across the industry and academia today. Automatski almost always makes a public statement only after making significant progress in terms of inventions and achievements. Nothing we say is baseless. It is based on scientifically verified progress.

>>> Why has there been a delay in putting it into Production if it was ready years ago?

Yes our underlying Quantum Gravity Computer was ready years ago. But there is a problem.

Problem Formulations

"A computer is a physical device that can give correct answers to well formulated questions."

At Automatski we don’t have a Universal representation of Problem Formulations which we can feed into our Quantum Gravity Computer. Which is Universal in the sense that it can represent all the problems we might want our quantum gravity computer to solve for us and all the problems which it is capable of solving.

Once we have such a universal formulation. We have to figure out ways to represent useful problems. And then solve them using our Quantum Gravity Computer which can solve such problem formulations. And then and only then we can benchmark and release our Quantum Gravity Computer for our customers.

What is the use of having the worlds best Mathematical Formulation of a Quantum Gravity Computer if it cannot solve any and all useful and valuable problems?

Lets try to understand it in another way.

Lets say we want to solve the notorious NP-Hard Travelling Salesman Problem. And we have a Quantum Gravity Computer which implements Lambdas and Quantum Gates. In essence it is a theoretically perfect Quantum Gravity Computer.

But the problem is that we have no way of representing the TSP Problem in terms of Lambdas and Quantum Gates. And furthermore we don’t have any generic way of representing all problems of interest to us in terms of Lambda’s and Quantum Gates.

*** Please note – The Quantum Gravity computer is ready and can solve all problems represented as Lambdas and Quantum Gates.

Conclusion: We need to develop our theories a lot more before we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. 🙂

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