Universal Quantum States, Gates & Circuits

In this article Universal implies – the capability to represent and/or compute anything (any permutation of the possible solution)


So what does one mean by universal state. Well! We normally initialize qubits to |0> state and from that point onwards we pass the qubits through gates to transform their collective entangled states.

Is there a better way to achieve a Universal Quantum State? Yes!

Only in Automatski’s Quantum Computers can we initialize a collection of Qubits to arbitrary/universal states. If !!! If we can design such states.

Our 1WQC One Way Quantum Computers or aka MBQC Measurement Based Quantum Computers development led us to create such a capability.

So basically only in Automatski’s Quantum Computers, if you can conceive an entangled Quantum State you can simply create it at one go.


A Universal Gate can take any sets of Qubit states and produce any other set of Qubit States. These are called permutations. So basically a Universal Gate can create any mapping or permutation from input to output qubit states.

Only in Automatski’s Quantum Computers if you can define a / any Unitary Transformation the Gate can be created.


A Universal Quantum Circuit should be able to compute any permutation of input quantum states to output quantum states . Just like Universal Gates, but gates act only on 1,2, or 3 qubits at a time. While when we talk of Universal Circuits we talk of ‘N’ Qubits. Where N can be 1 or 1000 or 1000,000 or 1000,000,000


These 3 capabilities are the essential and necessary conditions and the essence of Universal Quantum Computing. And this has been achieve only at Automatski.

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