My Unbiased Observer Views On Tesla Motors

Tesla Roadster delayed again, as Musk admits it's at the ...

What is a Tesla car?

Its actually many things coming together into one car. If we break it down …

  • Its an electric car

It was the first. Its cool but probably not the best. Lucid Motors has done a better job without as much fanfare.

Lucid has the fastest EV Charging in the world. And their EV has the longest range on full charge. Almost 1.5x that of Tesla.

  • Its a digital car

It is quite good. Digital cars are better experience than manual cars. But digital has quite a bit lesser reliability across the electronics industry.

  • Its a software platform for cars

The way its been designed and created as a software platform. It is quite cool. It is a software engineers dream come true to re-invent the automobile, or any other hardware, industrial or devices market.

  • Its a (cloud) connected car

I think thats a huge huge liability to have. Though it appears very cool. The car updates itself every now and then.

  • Its an Autonomous Car

Thats utter rubbish. I wouldn’t count on it. Not until we literally invent AGI outside Automatski.


Automobiles is a notoriously loss making industry. So I’m not very hopeful about Tesla as a hugely profitable business.

That said, personally, I myself might be interested in an electric vehicle (EV) sometime very soon. As soon as I can get charging stations all over my vicinity and the car prices are not a ripoff.

Here’s what the stock market thinks about Tesla

And here’s what critics are saying…

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