B2B vs B2C

“B2C might be easier to start with because the entry barriers are low. But the stakes are much higher. For B2B, the entry barriers are greater, but the category is stickier because you won’t have organisations shifting their entire processes and software year on year. B2B requires not a two-year but a 20-year window.”

  • $3.09 billion invested in B2B in 2018 – According to venture capital data firm Tracxn, $3.09 billion was invested in B2B startups in 2018 alone, while 2017 saw $2.4 billion invested in B2B startups.
  • Driven by data – The majority of the world’s most funded B2B software startups are offering data solutions to companies to help optimize process, increase transparency, and enhance sales figures using analytics.
  • US and China dominate – While B2B software is coming from all corners of the globe, investment has been mostly directed toward companies coming out of China and the US – predominantly Silicon Valley.
  • Working together toward optimization – A good proportion of investment has been ploughed into team collaboration platforms and softwares to optimize workflow processes.
  • Secure storage solutions stand out – Secure cloud storage solutions have been catching the eye of investors, as millions are pumped into ensuring that data is safe and privacy is a given.



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