Quantum Circuit Minimization / Optimization

Circuit minimization for Boolean functions - Wikipedia ...
Something like this, but in Quantum Circuits

What is the problem statement?

Given an arbitrary quantum circuit. with ‘n’ 1/2/3 Qubit gates. We have to minimize ‘n’ such that the functionality of the quantum circuit stays intact.

The problem has a complexity of EXPTIME and EXPSPACE.

What have we achieved?

We have been able to minimize ‘n’ by 90% or even 99% in some cases. And we have done it in Polynomial Space and Time.

Our Algorithm works only on Automatski’s Circuit Based Quantum Computers and is the first in the world. Though once a reference circuit is minimized on Automatski’s Quantum Computers it can be translated into an equivalent circuit and executed on any other Production Scale Quantum Computer which could have run the original reference circuit in the first place.

The results of the reference quantum circuit and the minimized quantum circuit are exact within the limits of an error < ɛ depending on computational effort.

2019 Quantum Computing Summer School - Discovery Partners I...

How did we achieve it?

Our algorithm replaces sets of gates in reference quantum circuit i.e. sub-parts of the reference quantum circuits with single 3-Qubit Gates. This results in 90%-99%+ reduction in the total number of quantum gates in the circuit.

Our algorithm is a meta-algorithm which ‘also’ executes on the quantum computer to create the optimized/minimized quantum circuit. It is NOT a classical solution. Though it uses some classical-quantum (aka hybrid) workflows and coordination.

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