Breakthrough – Probabilistic Computer + Reversible Computing

Automatski already had a probabilistic computer years ago. It supported Boolean, Complex and Quaternion Algebras.

Circuit Simplification Examples | Boolean Algebra ...

Basically Automatski’s Probabilistic Computer can execute Probabilistic Computing over Universal Boolean Circuits exemplified in the example above.

And now…

The Reversible Computing Breakthrough

All of these gates have been reversed. We don’t need to invent special reversible boolean logic gates.

ss_ladies: Digital Logic-Logic Gates, by Tan Sin Yee


We have already proven that One Way Functions CANNOT EXIST. And we have already broken all cryptography.

But with our Reversible Probabilistic Computer we have compressed the order of complexity of most ‘universal’ algorithms to O(N) or something around that.

We have already stated that the biggest breakthroughs in computing would come from eliminating causality and reversing time.

And thats exactly what we are announcing today. (Which we have exhaustively verified and proven recently) Money is a huge huge problem guys. Technology and millennium inventions are NOT they come very naturally to Automatski.

All of this is available for our prospective customers since 1993 CE.

तुम मुझे पैसा दो मैं तुम्हें अगला मिलेनियम दूंगा।

English: Give me money and I will give you the next millennium of mankind.

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