Automatski’s Quantum Roadmap & The Rest Of The World

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Automatski’s Quantum Computer is equivalent to a sports car to 3000 BC Science

News just arrived that IBM believes it is on its way to building a quantum processor with more than 1,000 qubits — and somewhere between 10 and 50 logical qubits — by the end of 2023.

Currently, the company’s quantum processors top out at 65 qubits. It plans to launch a 127-qubit processor next year and a 433-qubit machine in 2022.

The Status Today & The Roadmap

They have a 65 Physical Qubits machine which can factorize 21 into 7 and 3.

Basically they are saying that

in 2021 they will have a 127 Physical Qubit Processor

in 2022 they will have a 433 Physical Qubit Processor

in 2022 they will have a ~1000 Physical Qubit Processor ~10-50 Logical Qubits

in 2030 they will have a 1000,000 Physical Qubit Processor ~1000-5000 Logical Qubits

They plan to get the precision of the processor to 7 decimal places.


Congratulations to the team at IBM and also Google which also plans to build a million physical qubit quantum processor by 2030.


All this is so cute! Lets talk about some serious stuff.

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We tried helping everyone, working together with everyone, we seriously did. But they called us frauds. And the others were busy playing with kiddie toys. Or running their fiefdoms.

Automatski achieved Quantum Supremacy in 2014 CE By deploying Billion Logical Qubit Infinite Precision Quantum Computers. I mean they work at 5000 decimal places precision or many times more in production. Machine Precision 15-16 decimal places is normal for us.

We will upgrade our computers to work at Wire Speed and you do understand that we theoretically support Trillions of Qubits and Gates. If someone is willing to wait for the computations which will take significant time just by virtue of a trillion calculations.

We proved that the Universe is a Simulation in 1990’s. We implemented the Underlying Algorithm of The Universe to build our quantum computer in O(N) just like the Universe. And the Extended Church Turing Thesis is proven.

So What is Automatski’s Roadmap?

You have not been listening carefully. For us Quantum Computers are a done deal since 2014. We hence don’t have a roadmap of building better Quantum Computers. 🙂

We are busy launching our ventures…


अब ये लोग ऑटोमाटस्की को हज़ार साल मैं भी नहीं हरा सकते।

English- These guys cannot beat Automatski even in a 1000 years.

Don’t be under any illusion. All this is basically a massive global fight for global domination. And

“Automatski has already won the millennium”

Automatski is a little while away from launching its $500m Quantum Computer Data Center in US with 100 Quantum Computers.

Our 1000 year Best Price Guarantee

Double the Qubits and Infinite Precision at Half The Price.

Is designed to give a death blow to all competition and finish them off. And sink their multi-billion dollar investments.

Though that said we appreciate the competition for calling us frauds and hope that they continue to invest billions of dollars in educating everyone. So that those customers understand quantum computing and we can sell our Quantum Computers to those customers.

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