One-Way Quantum Computing (1WQC or MBQC)

USC scientists find a way to enhance quantum computer ...

I hope you have seen this update from us earlier

So what are we readying besides that?

We are about to put into production something called 1WQC – One Way Quantum Computing. Also called as MBQC – Measurement Based Quantum Computing.

The one-way or measurement based quantum computer (MBQC) is a method of quantum computing that first prepares an entangled resource state, usually a cluster state or graph state, then performs single qubit measurements on it. It is “one-way” because the resource state is destroyed by the measurements.

The outcome of each individual measurement is random, but they are related in such a way that the computation always succeeds. In general the choices of basis for later measurements need to depend on the results of earlier measurements, and hence the measurements cannot all be performed at the same time.

Why do all this?

Because 1WQC is way simpler. And way way more efficient at Universal Quantum Computing. Thats why we are making 1WQC.

Where can I learn more?



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