Open Invitation for Investors – Millennium Venture

A Millennium invention is by definition one which cannot be achieved in a 1000 years. That is a millennium.

It is proven that Quantum Computers will break RSA 2048 cryptography and create a havoc in the world.

Laymen believe that Physical Quantum computers are around the corner. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Automatski has reason to believe that outside Automatski there won’t be any production grade quantum computers for atleast 20-100 years. If not a 1000 years.

Automatski is the only firm in the world with a billion qubit infinite precision quantum computer since 2014 CE.

So what is the proposal?

We will keep it very short and to the point. No nonsense. Just stuff no fluff. no marketing jargon or bullshit.

We plan to launch a venture, lets call it Automatski Crypto Systems Pvt. Ltd. It will do one and only one thing. It will implement Shor’s algorithm on our quantum computer and break RSA 2048. Thats it nothing less nothing more. Just that. In 12-14 months we will launch our services for the world to use. As a SaaS Cloud service.

We are looking for $500m in seed money at a premoney valuation of $20billion.

First year revenues are expected to be $10bn/year. And in 5 years $50bn/year.

Enough is enough. We have been called frauds. Lets put an end to the rubbish. Lets launch our products even if the world has to pay a heavy price. They asked for it. And we are here to do business. And some day or the other Quantum Computers will be invented outside automatski and someone will break RSA 2048 using quantum computers as proven in the academia and research. So why not us? Why should we be responsible and not make money and starve for food and clothing everyday. While everyone else makes hay and also calls us frauds.

We offer 2 – 1 hour discussions per investor. And 2 weeks on the clock to finish the paperwork which our legal team will make in 3-4 days. And to transfer the money to our accounts.


The deal is on the table. The first guy to invest rules the world and creates the next google. PERIOD. Nothing less nothing more. There won’t be a second investor in this venture as far as we know. It won’t be needed.

MTV Enjoy!

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