What Everyone Gets Wrong About Quantum Physics

There are ~600 people in the world who are experts at doing quantum physics. But vonly ~5-6 people in the world including me who really understand it.

Quantum mechanics is perhaps the most unintuitive theory ever devised. And yet it’s also the most successful in terms of sheer predictive power. Simply by following the math of quantum mechanics, incredible discoveries have been made. It’s wild success tells us that the mathematical description provided by quantum mechanics reflects deep truths about reality.

So What is The Problem?

The original Goal of Science and particularly Physics was to understand how the universe worked. Somewhere down the line we gave up on that goal and were very happy to just make theories to make predictions, without giving much thought to why it was or was not so.

Today ~600 Quantum Physics Experts are very happy making calculations and predictions based on Quantum Physics. Which work quite well for things like making sensors, photonics etc.

But today everyone is trying to build a Quantum Computer and have been struggling for the last 60 years. It is evident that simply making calculations is not enough to build quantum computers. We would need to understand the inside workings of the Quantum World before hoping to succeed at creating Quantum Computers.

And that is why nobody and we mean nobody has a working production grade quantum computer of any consequence outside Automatski.

But there are only ~5-6 people in the entire world today, including at Automatski which really understand why the universe is the way it is.

Automatski’s Quantum Computer is the worlds first production grade Billion Qubit Infinite Precision Quantum Computer made in 2014. And the only reason it could be made is because Automatski discovered the underlying algorithm of the universe in 1990’s. Which is exactly what is used in creating its Quantum Computer.

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