Getting Rid Of The Myths About Our Universe

The biggest problem with our theories, in one sense is that they are continous and non-quantized.

Because of which even Quantum Mechanics is not enough to explain the Universe. Because even it is NOT quantized enough. This led to what is called the “Second Quantization Revolution”

Automatski realised in 1990s that…

  • Not only is Matter and Energy quantized
  • But so is Space & Time
  • And also ‘All’ The Fields acting on matter or present in Space Time

Basically ‘everything’ in the universe is quantized. But quantized is a physics word. In Computer Science we simbly call it ‘Discrete’

In 1990’s we discovered the underlying algorithm of the universe and established that the universe is a simulation. And conversely that the best way to understand the universe is via a ‘discrete’ simulation.

That was a millennium breakthrough in 1990’s. But we didn’t have enough computational power. So only later we could calculate the approximate parameters values of the key parameters in the Universe Simulation.

All in all it has been a mindboggling journey over the last 25-30+ years and it has been tremendously satisfying.

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