Even Better Quantum Computers

Beyond Quantum Supremacy: The Hunt for Useful Quantum Computers ...

Automatski Created The Worlds First Billion Qubit & Gates Quantum Computers by 2014. We proved that The Universe is NOT Only a Simulation, but that its a O(N) Simulation. We also proved The [Extended] Church Turing Thesis. And that Quantum Computers can be simulated Classically without an Exponential Slowdown in O(N) using the Quantum Physical Algorithms of The Universe. It seems we couldn’t go any further or do any better.

But we think we could. Lets see one way we could do that.

What are Qubits?

In quantum computing, a qubit or quantum bit is the basic unit of quantum information—the quantum version of the classical binary bit physically realized with a two-state device. A qubit is a two-state quantum-mechanical system, one of the simplest quantum systems displaying the peculiarity of quantum mechanics.

The Two States can be |0> and |1>


What are Qutrits?

Qutrits are 3 State Quantum Systems.

What are Ququarts?

Ququarts are 4 State Quantum Systems.

What are Qudits?

You see where we are going with this?

A Qudit is a generic ‘N’ state Quantum Mechanical System.



Because of those additional potential states, it takes fewer qudits than qubits to do the same amount of work.

“A qudit with four or five levels or states is able to function as a system of two ‘ordinary’ qubits, and eight levels is enough to imitate a three-qubit system,” explained Aleksey Fedorov, a researcher at the Russian Quantum Center.

Fedorov and his colleagues demonstrated that on one qudit with five levels, created using an artificial atom, it is possible to perform full quantum computations.


We need atleast 2 Qubit Gates for Universal Quantum Computation. Which means to be able to do everything thats possible with Quantum Computers we need to implement 2 Qubit Gates which operate on 2 Qubits at the same time.

But what about Qudits?

Some people say that since a single Qudit with 4-5 levels or states is equivalent to 2 Entangled Qubits it is by itself Universal and Sufficient for Universal Quantum Computation. We beg to differ.

We think we need atleast 2 Qudit Gates which operate on atleast 2 Entangled Qudits to achieve Universal Quantum Computation. But we agree that 2 Qudit Gates and Qudits are way superior and computationally compact compared to 2 Qubit Gates and Qubits.

Can we still do any better? Yes!

What is CV – Continuous Variable Quantum Computing? With Qumodes?

Continuous-variable quantum information is the area of quantum information science that makes use of physical observables, like the strength of an electromagnetic field, whose numerical values belong to continuous intervals. One primary application is quantum computing. In a sense, continuous-variable quantum computation is “analog”, while quantum computation using qubits is “digital.”

In more technical terms, the former makes use of Hilbert spaces that are infinite-dimensional, while the Hilbert spaces for systems comprising collections of qubits are finite-dimensional. One motivation for studying continuous-variable quantum computation is to understand what resources are necessary to make quantum computers more powerful than classical ones.


Xanadu has taken an interesting approach to quantum computing.

While companies like Rigetti and IBM use the qubit model , Xanadu is developing a continuous variable model.

The CV model requires less coupled systems to perform computations. Nevertheless, while the CV model has certain advantages over the qubit model, it also presents its own problems and limitations.

The first apparent difference between these two models deal with quantum bits, the information carrying units of a quantum computer. While the qubit or the generic qudit models use discrete-valued quantum systems, the CV model uses qumodes that reside in an infinite dimensional space.

Can we still do any better? Yes! Maybe!

See that in our next article … https://its101010.com/2020/08/08/beyond-quantum-computing-quantum-computers/


Everyone knows we are NOT Philosophers.

Everyone knows we are NOT Academics interested in writing papers.

Everyone knows we are NOT Journalists or Regular Bloggers interested in documenting or covering technologies and brekathroughs.

We are Automatski. The only reason we wrote this article is BECAUSE we are about to put ALL OF THE ABOVE in production for our customers very soon. And yes they will have Billions of Qudit and Qumodes, and Gates.

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