Beyond Quantum Computing & Quantum Computers

How quantum computers will reshape the cryptographic landscape ...

Continuing where we left off last time…

The Ultimate Question we want to answer today is – Can We Do Better than Quantum Computers & Quantum Computing?


Whats Beyond Quantum Computing?


Whats Better than Quantum Computing?

Please ignore the arguments given by the blogger in the video below. Those are outright wrong and 3000 BC Science. Just focus on the options he lists for what we could do beyond Quantum Computing. Like Quantum Gravity, Quantum Field Theory … based Computations etc.

Since the blogger has documented the options pretty well in the video above we don’t want to repeat them.


Everyone knows we are NOT Philosophers.

Everyone knows we are NOT Academics interested in writing papers.

Everyone knows we are NOT Journalists or Regular Bloggers interested in documenting or covering technologies and breakthroughs.

We are Automatski. The only reason we wrote this article is BECAUSE after our Quantum Computing Millennium Invention we have moved onto Building The Future of Beyond Quantum Computing.

If we say it, it is either already done or will be completed very soon.


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