Status – Nuclear Fusion

France has now started building out its Fusion Reactor. Automatski hasn’t even started. But there is a difference. While idiotas continue to say that Automatski has nothing. Every physical build is preceded by years of research, design and experimentation. To validate the hypotheses and the approach. In that sense nobody has built their reactor completely, so one could say that nobody has nothing.

Now there are some essential differences between other efforts and Automatski.

France spent $23.5 billion while Automatski has a total budget of $500m.

With their costs we can never have a economically viable production solution. Ours is just the right price for global production of energy using nuclear fusion.

They are targetting ~2 trillion degrees. We are targetting at best 200-500 million degrees.

They are using deuterium-tritium fuel we are primarily using Hydrogen.

Their reactor weighs 23,000 tonnes. Ours can be miniaturised and put on merchant navy ships and space ships, and locally in every city, town on the planet (without massive grids and grid losses) in 10-20 years of further engineering basically fine tuning and testing.

They started 60 years ago since 1960, and will goto production not before 2035 AD. We started 25 years ago and will goto production in 2030 AD. 75 years versus 35 years!!!

They are Fully Funded and we are Bootstrapped. And unless we can raise the funds we will never goto production anytime.

They are in a race to be the first. We are not. There is no extraordinary benefit to being first in this space. No exclusivity. This is a space to deliver the best solution first and foremost as early as possible not necessarily first. Yet we should be 5 years before them.

What do we have which nobody else does?

“The major obstruction to fusion is the Coulomb repulsion between nuclei. Since the attractive nuclear force that can fuse nuclei together is short ranged, the repulsion of like positive charges must be overcome to get nuclei close enough to induce fusion.”

It is nearly impossible to make atoms fuse unless you can push them against each other at MeV’s of energy.

And then you have to sustain the reaction and extract more energy out of it than you put in.

Automatski has figured out a (couple of ) way(s) to reduce the Temperature and Input Energies and yet keep the Reaction Sustainable. And hugely Net Energy Generating.

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