We Are Sorry!!!

We are so sorry! But 10 years ago we went to VC’s in our village and again 6 years ago. They asked us to get lost. So we spent all our lives earnings and extended family assets and savings to make the worlds most powerful quantum computers running a 48 people team for years. We risked the future of 100’s of people in our family, friends and relatives for this venture. Now our Quantum Computers are proven, production ready and available to our customers. And will have an EBITDA of ~30%.

We are bitter but thats not important. What is important is that we are very practical. This is one of our 100+ millennium inventions and will make money for the next 1000 years. And nobody in the world can compete or beat us EVER! (Legally) so we see no reason to dilute our stake or raise any investment for our Quantum Computer venture.

We will keep it that way for the rest of eternity.

While we have other ventures investors can look at if they so please. We are sorry, please forgive us. But you cannot fcuk around with us for decades and hope to buy your way back into our success and make a quick loot of the millennium. It wouldn’t be fair to us. Would it? So take your money and put it where it belongs. *wink*

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