So how impossible is it to Achieve what Automatski has Achieved?

Bascially if you put all your nobel laureates, 100 million ph.d’s, google, microsoft, ibm, amazon, mit, stanford and the entire GDP of the world i.e. $75 trillion for the next 1000 years on just making those breakthroughs. You will still fail with 99.9999999% probability in a 1000 years. Thats how difficult it is to achieve what automatski has achieved. Mankind has been trying for no less than the last 500 years to solve these problems. What peeves me off is that people I looked upto all my life not only trivialized it they called us frauds and scammers and not only that they boycotted and blacklisted us in our vicinity. We can;t make basic ends meet and for us $10 is a luxury we cannot afford. Thats what makes me bitter. But considering Automatski never forgives and never forgets, we have sanctioned all such people for the next 1000 years and will take things to a logical conclusion. Amen!

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