Glorified Copy Paste Artists

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So, whats happening in the world around us?

Whether its Deep Learning,Machine Learning, AI, Quantum computing or any other technology for that matter. One thing thats common between all of them is that there have been just one or two seminal breakthroughs in each technology and after that starts a common theme across the world. Where everyone is working on the same thing, trying to solve the same problems using the same methods. And everyone is copy pasting from everyone else. There is rarely any genuine breakthroughs. Everyone makes incremental changes in the name of inventions and innovations.

If you talk of Spiking Neural Networks then there are 100’s doing the same thing. If you talk of deep learning, then there are 10,000,000 organizations doing literally the same thing. Deep Learning infact is the case of mass copying in the examination hall full of mediocre students who are inevitably going to fail the course. If you look at Quantum Computing then there are 10000 organizations literally doing exactly the same things. Phew!!!

Invention and Innovation in the world of technology has been relegated to glorified copy paste artistry.

At Automatski we start from first principles and make fundamental breakthroughs. We rarely refer to anyone else’s work except to make comparisons and benchmark results. Or just to quote what they are doing and upto.

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