The Reality & Facts of Creating a Coronavirus Vaccine

Fact #1

It takes approximately $2.6 billion and 15 years to make a drug

Fact #2

SARS happened 20 years ago and we still don’t have a vaccine for that.

Fact #3

There are 4 ways to make a coronavirus vaccine

  • The first way is what Pharma companies do by creating physical molecules in labs and testing them
  • The second way is what big companies are doing with Supercomputers to simulate and shortlist molecules (Drug Discovery)
  • The third way is what some startups are doing by using AI to shortlist molecules with favourable properties
  • The last way is what only one group in the world Pennsylvania State University Researchers are trying to do by using Quantum Computers for Drug Discovery

Fact #4

Nobody in the world has a Quantum Computer outside Automatski. What the world has is useless garbage .

Automatski is the only firm in the world with millions of logical qubit quantum computers since 2014 AD

Fact #5

It is irrational to believe anything without seeing it working, because the world is full of snake oil salesmen.

But it is also irrational to refuse to see a demo.

Fact #6

The complexity of simulating a molecule is O( 2^(3x) ) where x is the number of electrons.

Fact #7

Coronavirus has 1000’s of electrons.

Fact #8

The worlds biggest supercomputers are useless for drug discovery because they can only simulate molecules with 50 electrons. And maybe molecules with 100 electrons with the most relaxed approximations that actually make the simulation useless for drug discovery even within the bounds of those limited simulations of toy molecules.

Anyone claiming to simulate molecules with more than 50/100 electrons outside Automatski are frauds/scammers.

Fact #9

AI is useless for drug discovery because it is a function approximation that cannot deliver any accurate results. And because AI cannot be used to simulate any molecules physically within any accuracy of any consequence.

Fact #10

Penn State Researchers are analysing Drug Discovery with Quantum Computers theoretically. Because Quantum Computers don’t exist outside Automatski. And they don’t have it.

Fact #11

Drug discovery is expensive.

The US Government gave Moderna a $483m grant to create a Coronavirus Drug.

The Trump administration announced a US$ 1.2 billion grant to AstraZeneca, which has licensed a potential vaccine that is in trials by Oxford University.

Fact #12

Drug Discovery versus Drug Design

The process of starting from a huge database of raw drug molecules. And testing them individually and in combinations for their effectiveness against a virus or disease is called Drug Discovery.

Since Quantum Computers are the only tool that can fully simulate ‘any’ molecule. In cases like Coronavirus when there aren’t too many effective raw molecules to test for a cure. Quantum Computers can reverse infer and ‘create’ or ‘design’ a molecule which will cure coronavirus. No other method can do that. This is called Drug Design.

Fact #13

The exorbitant costs of Drug Discovery are due to the huge rejection rates of potential drugs as research proceeds through the funnel with multiple candidate drugs.

Quantum Computers can reduce costs to << 20% (‘<<’ implies significantly lesser than)

Quantum Computers can reduce the timelines to << 6–12 months

Fact #14

There are more than 20+ organizations claiming to be working on coronavirus drugs

Besides which everybodies mother father brother sister is also claiming to already have or that they are working on a coronavirus cure.

There are a million organizations working on coronavirus websites and mobile apps, conducting hackathons, competitions.

Fact #15

Given the above. The chances of creating a coronavirus cure in the next 2 years by anyone in the world (outside Automatski) are less than 0.0001% Thats one in a million odds.

Fact #16

Until then the only guaranteed safest way to stay alive is to lock yourself up inside your cave/house for the next foreseeable future.

Fact #17

There are 8000 diseases for which Quantum Computer based Drug Discovery and Drug Design can be used to create a cure for. Just not Coronavirus. We are looking at creating the next millennium of mankind.

Fact #18

Automatski is a Millennium Firm with more than 100+ Millennium Inventions.

This is our website

When we say its done or it will be done, then thats the biggest guarantee anyone can give other than God himself.

We have a reputation to defend. And we don’t get involved with Politics, Religion or tolerate any sort of Activism within our ranks.

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