Show me the Monnnnaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Don’t beat around the bush, tell us how much money are we talking about here?


So basically Automatski is an IP and Equity holding company at its core. And its ventures (currently 4) are businesses.

A 40 Qubit Quantum Computer from ATOS sells for US$ 1m/annum + Taxes

A 2000 Qubit Quantum Computer from D-wave called 2000Q sells for US$15m+Taxes.

We have 3 types of Quantum Computers each a separate venture, use cases etc. Each of those three types will be priced similar to above. And for each we hope to close 1000 subscriptions/annum in sales and around a million subscriptions/annum in 5 years.

>>> Wha?

Yes. You do the math. Its a trillion dollars in revenues per venture each. And a current valuation of US$200bn each venture. And a 2023 CE valuation of $100–200 Trillion each.

>>> What other products/ventures do you have?

Internet scale SAT Solver which is a $1 Trillion business opportunity.

RSA 2048 Cracker which is a $20 Trillion business opportunity.

We have 50–100 such Millennium Breakthrough Products.

>>> WTF???

😉 *Peace*

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