Internet Scale SAT Solver

Human Technology is stuck in 50+ domains due to underlying problems which are NP-Complete as they are called in Computer Science and Mathematics. Automatski has solved 7 NP-Complete and 4 NP-Hard Problems in polynomial time till now including the N-Queens Completion, Millennium Prize Puzzle.

With our solutions we hope to make breakthroughs in 50+ technology domains from robotics, AI, machine learning, deep learning, NLP, weather & financial forecasting, theorem proving, space travel, cancer cure, genomics etc.

But since this would require problems in each domain to be encoded into the specific NP-Complete Solution form (for example in the form of N-Queens Completion) by mathematicians, this would require a lot of research, money, effort and resources. Of all the NP-Complete problems we know of The Boolean Satisfiability Problem is the one which is most readily applicable to problem solving and hence is the most significant. As almost all problems in all domains can be represented/encoded very easily in the form of boolean equations. Which can be solved by a Boolean Satisfiability Solver.

This week Automatski released its Internet Scale SAT Solver v1.0 Alpha after 25 years of research and development. It can be deployed on the cloud and super computers like Tianhe-3 to solve problems of the scale of a billion variables/clauses and more in the future. This is a phenomenal breakthrough as current SAT Solvers have been limited to less than a million variables and clauses. This means now we can solve bigger and more complex problems from chip design, to drug discovery, verification, cryptanalysis, code breaking, cryptography etc. Which are very relevant to every business, organization and country.

Please see the video of our Internet Scale SAT Solver v1.0 Alpha here

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