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Hypercomputers & Hypercomputations

Hypercomputation: computing more than the Turing machine Hypercomputation or super-Turing computation refers to models of computation that can provide outputs that are not Turing computable. For example, a machine that could solve the halting problem would be a hypercomputer; so too would one that can correctly evaluate every statement in Peano arithmetic. Basically, a systemContinue reading “Hypercomputers & Hypercomputations”

Immense Progress Under The Hoods

Its been a long and tiring journey While our Quantum Computer(s) went into production in 2014. And we achieved Quantum Supremacy (in 2014). Developing Millennium Inventions is NOT A Project with a definitive beginning and a definitive end. Our roots of all our inventions go back to early 1990’s. And we continuously work on improvingContinue reading “Immense Progress Under The Hoods”

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