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Breakthrough – Probabilistic Computer + Reversible Computing

Automatski already had a probabilistic computer years ago. It supported Boolean, Complex and Quaternion Algebras. Basically Automatski’s Probabilistic Computer can execute Probabilistic Computing over Universal Boolean Circuits exemplified in the example above. And now… The Reversible Computing Breakthrough All of these gates have been reversed. We don’t need to invent special reversible boolean logic gates.Continue reading “Breakthrough – Probabilistic Computer + Reversible Computing”

The Deepest Secrets of Google, Deep Learning & Elon Musk [Mashup]

The Deepest Secrets of Google Google and its parent Alphabet, together considered by many to be world’s most innovative organization, have yet to succeed outside their core businesses. Sidewalk labs is the latest failure, recently abandoning its plans to build a $900 million smart city in Toronto. Other recent Google cancellations or pullbacks include Makani’sContinue reading “The Deepest Secrets of Google, Deep Learning & Elon Musk [Mashup]”

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